YZF R1 Windscreen Setup


Question about this Windscreen setup. How can I make mine like this? It looks like one piece across the red. Is it just a big panel of red sticker that was cut to fit over the shield? Did someone make a special windscreen kit for this?? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Stick some red vinyl on the outside of the screen and bobs your uncle!

  2. That’s what i was thinking, just wanted to ask first. Never know when someone has a better solution in play.

  3. Love the red lower , gold rims would be totally orgasmic

  4. I spoke to him on IG. He will tell you how.

  5. This bike is sick. Someone did a great job.

  6. I got the inside of mine painted to match. That way it doesn’t chip. (y)

  7. looks like the screen is painted. you can still see the line separating screen and fairing

  8. It’s vinyl, hit up popshadow decals on fb, Tea Palella is great to work with and you can make it any way you want

  9. Painted but i left the edge unpainted

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