YZF R1 Underslung rear caliper?


The rear brake kit has arrived. Let the Winter Projects begin!  Does anyone else on here have the underslung rear caliper?

YZF R1 Underslung rear caliper?

YZF R1 Underslung rear caliper?

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  1. what dreams are made of!

  2. Make it captive too. (y)

  3. Where did u buy from

  4. Super Bike Unlimited.

  5. Came with everything? Caliper bracket pads line?

  6. All but the line. Have to get it on there and measure what I need then order it with an angled banjo at the master cylinder – I’m putting on a master cylinder with an integrated reservoir.

  7. Last question I promise… $?

  8. $322 for the cast caliper unit kit.

  9. Damn that’s more then fair

  10. Yeah, that’s what I thought!

  11. I don’t use my rear brake lol

  12. What’s the point of it

  13. My set up…just a hpk disc for me Ian Judd..

  14. Yep AP . On 2005 bike

  15. I had hassle with my ap set up i had to change my bracket to get the pads to fully touch

  16. Ive not run the bike yet Phil O’donoghue and have only just put hosr on , not bled up yet .

  17. Hope i dont get hassle haf enough problems with my fronts

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