YZF R1 Original Keys


Got a question lads,

I crashed my 08 R1 a while ago but I still have the original keys to it, I'm wondering, are they worth anything or just bin them??

YZF R1 Original Keys

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  1. They make good keying keys

  2. Keep them as a reminder hang them up below a pic of the bike.

  3. Are they the original keys?
    I bought blank ones that look like that off eBay for $2 each to go and get cut as spares.

  4. The only thing beneficial from these is that you may be able to re use the housing that cases the chip.

    I don’t think the Chinese copies have a space for the chip…

  5. Worth a small fortune surely?

  6. I would keep them as a memory…get a little box frame for them along with a photo, or a miniature model of the bike you had (eBay?)

  7. Good for scratching your back

  8. For that red one it’s 1500$ if you loos it

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