YZF R1 Graves Exhaust User Review


Anyone have this exhaust who can tell me what you think

YZF R1 Graves Exhaust User Review

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  1. I have this (simlar) and sounds farking amazing

  2. graves is amazing. Ive had them on my r6 race bike and my 09 r1. Im getting one for my M when I get back to the states

  3. I have it on my bike

  4. Had them on my 07 too.

  5. Can go wrong with Graves, they are made for Yamahas.

  6. One of the best exhausts you can get for your bike. Graves and Yamaha go together like peanut butter and jelly.
    I have the SC Project for mine, also another great pick. Louder than the Graves but the lowered mount (the one I have) gives you a few less hp than the original GP version, or the Graves would

  7. I have the Graves with the FTECU flash and Active tune runs excellent and looks amazing

  8. Ruby, thought this is the one we were going with?

  9. You can’t go wrong with graves, and I can get you a killer deal on it too.

  10. Yup Graves is the best of the best for yamaha.

  11. Nate Johnson and I own J and G Hard Parts. If you need anything, please get a hold of us. 🙂

  12. I run that setup, just the edited version. I will not run anything else. Graves quality, customer service, and most importantly performance is untouched when it comes to Yamaha.

  13. I just switched to graves and love it, sound, quality, and performance is awesome

  14. This picture explains itself. Great quality exhaust

  15. Holy overpriced

  16. Absolutely love it! Graves=top notch quality

  17. Graves products are top notch in sound, quality, and performance. You can’t go wrong using them

  18. What’s a good pipe to put on a 01. R1 that sounds good not wanting to put header on right now money is tight I have micron now sounds good but want louder

  19. Heard of people cutting down but not sure that’s not really the right way?

  20. Toce or nothing at all

  21. Fantastic 😉

  22. I take it akropovic is not big over there?. Its the" creme de la creme" over here but very expensive. But its the "must have" exhaust

  23. According to some graves is "middle of the road"

  24. Back to my original question then, is akropovic not that popular over there?

  25. it is.. but its expensive over here since its made over there..

  26. Ive had both graves and Akra, The quality is the same on both. I never dyno’d them but what ive read is they put up about the same numbers. So it comes down to price and for me its made in the USA.

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