YZF R1 cold start problem.


Nick I was wondering if you could help me? I bought a 2012 R1 in the summer of this year from a dealer. It look as if the bike had been modified before the deal had sold it to me anyway the dealer put the bike back to stock I had no problems with starting the bike. Now the winter months is here my bike takes a considerable amount of effort out of the battery back firing and sometimes spluttering from somewhere near the air box. When I first bought the bike the thing I done was to decat and change the cans and install smog off blanks and install a power commander 5. I took the bike to HM racing for them to put a custom map into the power commander the guys there told me that the ecu has been flashed. When the guys rode my bike they said they notice pinking when pulling off in first gear they also said there was very little engine break which was probably down to ecu flashing. I need to establish why my bike is having problems starting on these cold mornings could you be of assistance to solve this problem? And by the way congratulations on your wife pregnancy

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  1. The bike is reliable and will start. It just takes a few shots to start in cold weather.

  2. Maybe a dumb question but what’s pinking?

  3. Mind takes 10mins

  4. 10mins everyday will eventually ruin the brand new lithium battery I’ve just bought for it

  5. Damn, mine fires up between 1-3 tries depending on how cold it gets.

  6. When timing is slight out it make a distinctive sound from the engine

  7. Why did they install the PC5 when they noticed the ECU had been flashed already?
    I’m no expert but maybe the PC and ECU flash are fighting against each other and screwing up your settings?

  8. I thought the same thing and this is where my suspicion lies

  9. But I’m no expert

  10. I think I will disconnect pc5 and try to start it without.

  11. If you think its a pc5 problems jus unhook it and try to start it.

  12. Thanks that is what I will do.

  13. my 14 is the same it’s a bastard to start when it’s cold.

  14. I’m was just thing will my bike run as well if I disconnect pc5. Or will I need to get the ecu reflashed

  15. A lot of people have problems cold starting with the 09-14 r1s. Probably the most common issue I’ve seen yet.

  16. Just buy a battery optimizer. Big bang hate cold starts. There’s nothing wrong with your bike. The bike is reliable. Now, if you have those modifications are more for performance than to have it as a commuter bike. If you are using the bike as a commuter it would be wise just to keep the flash ecu.

  17. Can I ask why you went ahead with the deal? Surely you brought the bike as sold as seen? I would have been more pissed off with the dealer putting the bike back to stock when I have seen agreed to buy the bike as is. Unless of course you asked it to be put back to stock.

  18. I didn’t know at the time the bike had been modified it is only when I started to modify the bike I realised that the ecu had been flashed and possibly had a aftermarket exhaust system.

  19. I am relatively new to bikes

  20. Installed previously.

  21. But even so unless the dealer told you they were going to revert the bike back to stock before it was delivered/collected by you. I would have told them not to bother. The bike you should have is the bike you had seen before they took the trick bits off.

  22. What kind of lithium battery did you installed? If you are adding only racing after market upgrades. The bike will have issues in cold weather anytime. If you want to have it fire away quickly, remove the power commander, keep the flash ecu, install a stock battery, and get battery optimizer for the winter.

  23. I didn’t see the bike with the mods. I saw a stock bike. It is only when I started to strip the bike down I knew some mods had been done.

  24. I will try removing the power commander and see if that solve me problem.

  25. So you rather take out a power commander rather then get a battery optimizer it’s really simple bro I think you overreacting

  26. No I’ve ordered one should be coming in the next few days

  27. Do optimizer destroy your battery?

  28. So can someone tell me why my bike back fires in the morning when first trying to start.

  29. Could it be ignition timing?

  30. What kind of lithium battery do you have?

  31. Hence why get pinking when pulling off

  32. The make is JMT

  33. YouTube it.

  34. The link should provide some help. As far as the pinking it may different things a mechanic should look into. It’s hard to say in a poat

  35. Ok thanks for your help.

  36. Back firing issues???

  37. On a car setup back firing is normally down to timing issues. So I’m thinking is that the same for bikes.

  38. I’m assuming you’re talking about me lol. I didn’t get a tag so I just saw this.
    1. Is there a sticker or something on the ecu that you know it’s been flashed for sure?
    2. What mode does your bike start up in?
    3. What temp do you fans come on?

    Startup on cold mornings to my knowledge could be 3 things.
    1. Ecu flash
    2.weak battery
    3. Incorrect fueling

  39. I have never heard of pinking, I’ve heard of pinging tho lol

  40. On the ECU it is has Race ECU written in permanent marker

  41. The battery is new

  42. I’ve only try to start the bike in standard mode. Never tried A or B

  43. When the bike starts up, it starts up in STD?

  44. Pinging Is what I mean

  45. Not straight away after about 5-10mins of trying to start

  46. Also the bike has no engine break

  47. PM me, it’ll be easier for me to respond

  48. HM racing says that down to ecu being flashed

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