YZF R1 clutch the same from 09-14?


Hey guys. Another clutch question. Is the clutch the same from 09-14 ??

My 09 with 14xxx kms is very irratic and grabby and I can't launch it hard at all. And sometimes I can actually hear it grabbing so hard no matter how slow I try to engage it

My buddys 14 is smooth as silk.

Should I just replace the friction plates with new oem ones ( I'm not sure if there is factory plates in it now or not )

Or is it possible the pressure plate is warped some how and needs replacing? That is what it feels like but I don't have any expirences with troubled clutches

Any information or shared experience you may have on this topic please post to help me resolve this frustrating issue


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    New oem clutch kit. Replace the first friction plate with the 07/08 friction plate and judder spring. P/n are 5VY-16331-00-00 and 5VY-16384-00-00… will be smooth as butter.


    You can do a conversion on it by swapping some parts as above


    The 2 above have it in a nutshell


    Awesome thanks guys. So this issue must have been fixed with the newer 14b ? Because my fiends 2014 is smooth. I was thinking there was something else wrong if they had the same set up. Because his do not have the conversion done


    So from 09-14 they all have the same clutch but some are fine and some need the mod?

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