YZF R1 Clutch Change


Question for anyone who can help. Never had to replace a clutch yet. Is it complicated? Is there anything special i need to have or tools outside of the toolkit? Also when I go to jump my battery off (when it dies on me after I cut it off when I go somewhere. Happens often but not everytime.) My ground becomes pretty hot to the touch. Isn't that bad grounds or an electrical drain from somewhere?

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  1. Ok thanks! This can be done on stands and not a lift correct? First bike I’ve gotten hand on with. Maintenance at reliable shops here are ridiculous

  2. Blue medium threadlock or red strong threadless? What’s a good clutch to buy? I’ve heard the factory clutches on these are pretty much garbage. I’ve put about 5k on it. Got with 600 miles when I bought it about 1 year ago

  3. Measure the stack

  4. Occasionally throw out a smoke screen but never stunt ride. Figured it got damaged trying to pop start it a few times when this electrical issue caused a problem for me frequently at that time. Its blown the throttle fuse. Cluster flickers. Peculiar range in power now. One headlight goes out. If I hit it hard comes back on. Not sure how to check rectifier. Thought it was my relay but seems to be somewhere in the wiring in my opinion. If my fans run for 5 minutes or bike idles for 15 minutes it cuts off and won’t start again. It’s having a hard time starting. I know the clutch is shot this just happened.

  5. Is the mod a clutch spring conversion kit?

  6. Or is it re assembling the clutch disc basically

  7. Clutch change is pretty straight forward I did mine not long ago, soak the friction plates in clean oil for a couple hours at least first and just remember the order of things coming out. Take pics as you go so you can refer back, not sure about your model but my 2002 has a wire retaining clip that is easily forgotten on re-install.

  8. Also watch the friction plates coming out, mine has one thinner than the rest, I believe this came out last and went back in first. Again, may not be the same with your model

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