YZF R1 changed cam chain tensioner out


A question for the more experienced guys on here. I recently changed my cam chain tensioner out, during that process it jumped time, so I set time and put her back together. But I've noticed since then that I seem to lug off the line in first, and I'm getting noticably worse gas mileage. Any thoughts? Could I have been off a tooth? She runs smoothly

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Answers ( No )

  1. I mean I went by the timing marks and everything looked good but the marks on the exhaust gear are a bitch to see.

  2. Do you notice a power difference?

  3. It’s veryyy possible to be a tooth off and it still run "okay", but with a power/fuel difference.

  4. Yep I did the same thing to mine a couple years ago, i was off one tooth and it acted the same way

  5. Well it looks like I have a new weekend project lol. Thanks for the input guys

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