YZF 2008 R1 vs YZF 2009 R1


Serious question for those that know how is a 08 R1 compare on power and acceleration to a 09 R1…? Then also add in that the 08 has k&n filter, full decat system with yoshi pipes and power commander CPU and running the maps for that system and the 09 has just gytr pipes. Just wanting to hear thoughts or real life knowledge

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  1. The 08 should be ultimately faster.

  2. That’s a hard one, I loved my 03 of the line but my 11 pulls like a freaking train. Just remember these bikes don’t get slower.

  3. 09 has better torque 08 has more top end!

  4. I should add I own the 08 guy I know has the 09 I get the feeling he thinks his will walk all over mine because it is a year older and not a cross plane and can’t get a place to test it atm

  5. you never know!

  6. I have a 07 same as your 08. Honestly the biggest difference will be weight and skill. I raced a 09 with a full system headers back, and his was flash tuned with a pc3. Mine just has slip on pipes. I beat him gear per gear by half a bike length. Over all the cross planes have a higher and smoother torque curve on the dyno but mine the 4c8’s make more power.

  7. I’ve owned an 06, 08 and now an 09. Given the same rider skill, the crossplane will be faster to like 120-130 then the 08 will blow past. I’d much rather have the 09 personally

  8. The crossplane is a beast on the track too, just a bit heavy

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