Yamaha WR250X & WR250R Heated Grips Recommendations


What heated grips is everybody running? Thinking about Oxford as they seem to be the most common.

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Answers ( 9 )

  1. Seems to be the go to. Im gonna snag the adventure model soon.

  2. I ran Oxford for a while on a street triple. They were good but worn quite fast. And I had issues finding the right adhesive for the clutch hand.

  3. Bike master is a good value.

  4. Oxford, but use some KT tape over them to preserve the grips.

  5. Heat Demon.

  6. I flat-out refuse to live anywhere where these things are required. You’re all bloody mad!

  7. I just installed Oxford Adv grips last week. The cable is frigging massive on it! Don’t like it at all however, the grips are HOT at 100% with bare hands. I was out in mid 50s the other day with gloves and with them at just 30% I could feel the warmth! ??

  8. I use the wrap on Oxfords and leave them in my pack with the wires tied back until needed. I don’t like the wiring of the permanent oxfords.

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