Yamaha MT-09 Vibration Problem


My bike has a little bit virbration when the speed of engine is about 4000rpm.Does anyone have same situation?is it normal?or that is just torque change?

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  1. mine 5k to 6k rpm

  2. I have it to. Not much, but if stay there for a while I still noticed my fingers gets numb.

  3. Clean the chain, warm it up riding 5 minutes, lube it and left overnight. You’ll be surprised

  4. Clean and lubricate the chain, but and most important, set the chain slack at 25 to 30mm.

  5. The chain is noir my issue. Only feel this from like 3800-4100 rpm. Over that is not there. Like the vibrations in a lawnmower. Deftly the engine.

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