Yamaha FZ-07 or Kawasaki Z800


Hey guys so I have a question for y’all. I know this is an fz group but I’ve seen other bikes as well so I would like y’alls options.
Yamaha fz-07 OR Kawasaki z800
I’m stuck between the two and can’t decide

Which one and why is it better. Thank you in advance.

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  1. The fz07 is a great bike. I’d recommend test riding both and go from there

  2. Fz07. Lighter and newer design. But I agree with Steve Yaggie, test them both and go with the one you like. It’s your money. 💰

  3. Have you considered the new z900?

  4. Test ride and pick

  5. When i bought my 07 i tested the z800 as well.it felt heavy and sluggish on turn in.the engine was more linear and the suspension was nicer but couldnt get past the character of the 07s engine and how flickable it was

  6. Depends what you want to do with it. Longer highway trips and/or riding 2up I’d go with the 800…it’ll be a little smoother and more comfortable. I love my FZ07 but when I take 2-3 hour rides with the lady out into cottage country the bike feels like it could do with a little more oomph (and combined we’re only about 260 lbs).

  7. fz 07…..because youre on an fz 07 page full of people who ride fz 07’s and not kawasaki z800’s

  8. Don’t get the Z800. Get the Z900. I test drove it and it was very tempting. I found an FZ07 instead. Both would be great. I think the FZ is easier for doing wheelies. The Z900 would be a better track bike and possibly a better commuter bike since it was buttery smooth. Had a good amount of power too.

  9. Z800 no contest

  10. they quit making the z800 does that answer your question

  11. For a better model, the z900.

  12. Well, do you want a torquey twin with an exhaust note that wakes the dead, or a generic 4 cylinder?

  13. Fz07 all the way. I think handles better and faster through the end of the turn. Also more comfortable

  14. Fz. The 800 is a maintenance whore

  15. I would like to try the z900!

  16. Since you’re looking at a Z800 might as well check out an Fz09 too

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