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Question for you riders… normally I ride in my shoes (I know I know)… anyways, I’ve tried riding in a pair of work type boots but I had a hard time getting my toe under the shifter. Recently I’ve been looking into more of a riding shoe (think beefed up high top). Anyone have any advice or thoughts?

Btw, I don’t need a lecture on riding gear… if I was doing hardcore track I’d look into more. At the moment it’s for commuting and just around town cruising that will be comfortable.

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  1. Use the lip on the sole of the boot to up shift. Your welcome

  2. I’d also make sure you get a slip resistant one. Wet pegs suck

  3. I wear steel to wolverine cowboy boots… absolutely no issue.

  4. Adjust your shift lever up one or two notches to accommodate your footwear. This is something often overlooked to best suit your personal riding position, such as handlebars, brake and clutch levers, etc.

  5. Don’t have to be a track day rider to break your ankle in a wreck. Just sayin.

  6. Tcx X Groove sounds like the shoe for you bro. I’ve been hunting for a high top riding shoe also and I’ve narrowed it down to the TCX, or a brand called “Gaerne” iirc?

  7. The harder/tougher the shell of your footwear the easier it is to shift.\n\nYou can either add on a hard patch to your shoe/boot or look at some Joe Rockets. (I do not recommend the meteor boots)

  8. work boots are all i ride in, takes a while to break them in but wear them every day for a week or two and they should be flexible enough to ride in, i got a new pair over the summer and missed a few shifts till i br5oke them in

  9. I bought a pair of alpinestars on revzilla I love them!

  10. These are a great choice.\nI’ve put them through hell and they are still going

  11. Got these off Denis Kirk on a flash sale for $70. Decent protection and still comfortable enough to wear all day at work. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-joey-wp-shoes

  12. Alpinestar SMX5 – Not too expensive and are great at protecting your legs. I have them since two years. Wouldn’t ride without them.

  13. I wear my red wings. I got hit by a truck while wearing this pair and they are only a little scuffed up.

  14. I ride in my work boots

  15. Alpinestars faster wp shoes love em

  16. I just wear chucks.. whatevs

  17. There are some very comfortable street riding shoes out there. I personally use TCX, but check out Revzilla. They have a large selection of different brands

  18. If anyone hasn’t mentioned it already (I’m not reading previous comments), the shifter will actually adjust. You can place it in different positions. I was able to fit my steel toe work boots under it just fine, and actually preferred to ride with them from then on out.

  19. Raise your shifter when you wear boots

  20. You can adjust your shifter. Had to do it for me to be able to wear my work boot

  21. Low top vans for the win.

  22. Speed and Strength Moto 9’s. I wear them with my “squid” outfit. Easiest to shift, fits like a high top sneaker and probably one of the most padded shoes I’ve worn.

    I like my Alpinestars SMX-1 short boots as well. Still gives pretty good rotation in the ankles and still gives a pretty good chance at saving them in a crash.

  23. Alpine Stars Joey shoes. Comfy, don’t look like riding boots, actual protection built in to it. Revzilla has them on discount regularly.

  24. If people can get use to MX boots on dirt, you can get use to wearing work boots – it just takes time.

  25. I wear short boots all the time. Work fine for walking, working or riding.

  26. Alpinestar Anaheim boot love it

  27. Shifting is 90% habit.
    This is why you are uncomfortable.
    You’re used to shoes.
    Give it time.
    You will be every bit as comfortable with boots. Any boots.
    AND better protected!

  28. I like to ride in my sidi boots when I’m for real riding. Commuting… I’ve found a pair of Dr. Marten’s do the trick

  29. I really like my TCX Hub WP’s. They’re waterproof, fit well, don’t have shiny metal bits (they’re not track day shoes) and look great… Also they’re not really expensive. That said I had to change how I shifted ever so slightly but got used to it QUICK

  30. I bought the tcx x-desert boots when I had my DRZ-400, and a few months later the motor went on it and I bought my FZ. I wasnt about to let my expensive boots go to waste, so I still ride with them.

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