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Got some mail from Yamaha about Yamaha Extended Service being my warranty will expire in April. It’s @$600 for 4 years. It says unlimited mileage. So is it worth it? Anyone have it/used it?

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  1. I have it and its the best thing i could have done

  2. Just had 3,000 worth of work done bc my clutch basket snapped and ended up in my motor and i didnt pay a dime

  3. If you get it, order it from these guys – best deal out there as long as you don’t live in FL http://www.dandhcycle.com/index.html

  4. I purchased a Yamaha extended warranty when I bought my fzo9 and I will tell you this it is so well worth it. Especially if it’s a genuine Yamaha warranty. It covers a lot more than just the bike on that package and it’s great for any participating Yamaha authorized dealer. I’ve had several little things here and there go wrong and they covered everything without problem. $600 is a great price for it that’s exactly what I paid for mine at the dealership. Considering what can go wrong it will save you so much more money down the road and pay itself off if something happened through no fault of your own.

  5. Take it I did

  6. I don’t want to go to the dealership I bought my bike from, to far do y’all have any issues using another dealership other tan the one you purchased from?

  7. Thank you everyone! I just purchased it!

  8. Can you use it on a bike you bought second hand?

  9. Yes, the warranty follows the VIN.

  10. You won’t realize you need it until you do!

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