Yalls custom small trailers and the tires look small


Question…I have been looking at some of yalls custom small trailers and the tires look small. Any issues with them? What size tire is a good tire for these small trailers. I’m looking in to building one out of the small trailer that northern tool sells. (Similar to the small ones which look like luggage carriers mounted to them)

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  1. I’ve run trailers with 8″ tires & also 12″ tires. Not much difference between them in handling or at speeds above 80 mph. Both work well.

  2. 8″ no problems, built this from a old popup, shortened frame an added cargo carrier an lights.

  3. I build these and use dexter axle and 12 inch rims

  4. I run 8″ with no suspension!

  5. No problem what-so-ever with 8″. On my first road trip, I’d check the hubs to see if they were hot and they were cool to the touch every time. I had the Harbor Freight Tag-along. The only mod I mad was to remove one of the leaf springs on each side and repacked the wheel bearings. I forget it’s even back there, it rides so smooth.

  6. I replaced my 8s with 10s, to slightly reduce freeway rpm’s and to raise it a bit.

  7. This is a great question and I’ve heard comments about how much better my trailer would pull if I replaced the 8″ with 12″ rims. I’ve pulled it since 2002 and live in it full-time. I had a shop in Victoria TX do the wheel bearings for me last spring before I rode back to Michigan because it’d been a while. All they had to do was clean and repack the bearings. The service guy said even loaded, my trailer (maybe 800 pounds) didn’t put much stress on the bearings and they looked fine. I have bearing buddies and give it a couple shots of grease every 2 or 3 oil changes but other than that the 8″ work great. Biggest concerns are quality bearings and grease.

  8. I run 8″ on mine the trailer loaded is 380 pounds never have problems and that is running 70 down highway.this year put 14000 miles on them

  9. Stan, you live in that full time? I like to hear that story

  10. What size boat trailer an have you actually pulled it yet?

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