XXC 1000 Radiator Relocate


Evening , new to the group I’m working on my buddy’s xxc1000 doing a radiator relocate , he cheaped out and got the wild boar kit, So my question is the stock rad has no cap other then the overflow , once relocated the radiator will sit higher then the cap , can I just fill the radiator and hoses then let it run and hope the water pumps takes care of the rest ? Or should I mount a higher fill port ?

XXC 1000 Radiator Relocate

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  1. Definitely don’t leave the reservoir in there made that mistake and blew the hoses right off the rad.

  2. I did the same kit on my sons quad he has a 2015 outlander 500 and I refilled it a couple times let it run cold it down and I was able to get all the air out it wasn’t that bad

  3. It’s not that bad. Keep it full, run it, let it cool and refill it with cap off and squeeze the hoses you’ll see the air come out. Bleed it off the inlets

  4. Go to your near parts store and grab yourself a burp funnel. It was make bleeding the coolant system a dream.

  5. Use the bleeders and squeeze the hoses you’ll feel it pump through. I guess I cheaped out I got the same kit I just ordered a different hose for the top. Had it on for over a year now. No issues whatsoever.

  6. So got it all on and coolant lines ran , I put a fill cap on top , now I went to fill the system and it pisses out the overflow on the stock location before it’s full , there is a new bent on top in cap what should I do ?

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