Hi. Can you tell me what is the method on XS400 to lower the tank not to crack the line of the back (to make the whole body straight instead of curving up)? Example attached. Thank you for the help.


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  1. Look at the forks, they are slid farther up in the triple tree

  2. He’s right. Lower the front end. I did that on mine and it looks sweeeeeet!

  3. The real question is how this affects the handling of the bike.

  4. Thanx Guys!

  5. I would say negatively. But with those tyres clearly not too worried about handling or safety anyway ud83dudc4eud83cudfff

  6. I lowered the front end 1". Steering is slightly quicker but feels a lot better that stock.

  7. Here is 1.5". That will get you pretty level.

  8. Lowered mine but have to be careful tyre fitting exhaust

  9. Here’s mine with some more ideas for you mate

  10. that is awesome

  11. what is that gas tank?

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