Sorry for the long wait. We finally have time for a short video. This video features the X1 pro with a generic ESC controller and CA V3. The first batch FOC controllers will be arriving next week. We will post a video after the new controllers arrive.

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  1. According to a thread on another site the chain version will be faster due to a larger allowed chainring. It is quieter than this geared version. The FOC sinewave controller will be quieter and maybe add power?

  2. It's a screamer….

  3. I wonder if there is room for chain protection with some sound dampening material on the inside of it. something on the outside of that big ring that is part of the reduction?

  4. Looks so nice :O

  5. What is your top speed with this setup?

  6. Looks great, hoping Luna comes up with a competitor. Is it that much faster than a Ludicrous?

  7. I do not know if it is much faster than ludicrous. Most of those hills he had a pretty good run up to them, and you could still hear it bog down a little.. It does turn a few more rpm than the HD. It will be faster, but how much faster remains to be seen. But it will never be as quiet as the HD. The controller will be bluetooth programmable. That saves some money for programming cables. i am thinking it will be 5-10mph faster if the controller is tuned for it, or possibly more. That is 52 volts.

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