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Hey guys – I’m looking to upgrade my cooling system on my 12 WR450, it’s been starting to overheat on slow speed stuff or just idling. What is the typical path? I’m guessing high pressure radiator cap Fresh coolant (maybe 25/75 mix as in GA we have a pretty mild winter) Single spal fan (unsure if I’d have to upgrade my stator for this one though) Anything else you guys recommend? I’m also running unabiker radiator guards, unsure if that’s affecting the air flow honestly. Pic for attention!

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  1. change coolant to Engine Ice

  2. Engine ice and a trail tek thermo fan

  3. Yup . Engine ice and thermo fan . I have them both and no overheating in singles🤙

  4. Run a bigger water pump wheel

  5. Is your 2012 wr hard to start when hot?

  6. Dylan Congalton

  7. Evans waterless coolant, trail tech can kit wired into ignition or else it runs when bike is off and drain battery quick when bike not running, lithium battery. I did all this and never had a drama in slow tight sand etc in central Queensland riding 38-40+ in summer. Before I did all that it used to boil like a td42. Bit of money spent now helps bike last a lot longer. I rode with mates on same bikes who didn’t do this and there bikes would boil and eventually needed rebuilds very early in life. And cost a lot more than these mods. I never saw the need for water pump upgrades as that was next on list but didn’t need it. Also made the bike start perfect hot or cold once fuel pump had primed would go first touch of button.

  8. Trail tech makes an easy to install stator kit that generates 100w. They also make a simple fan the clips right to the radiator. Done

  9. Thermo fan wired to switch on the handlebar

  10. Trail Tech digital fan

  11. I have a 2012 with a pipe gytr tuning no matter what tune still gets hot. I have engine ice in the radiator still doesn’t help my next step is a trail tag digital thermostat fan that way it doesn’t run all the time and run your battery

  12. Boyesen supercooler

  13. Thanks for all the help guys! I’ve decided to go engine ice and install a fan!

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