WP 48 MA/PA OC fork oil level


WP 48 MA/PA OC fork oil level. Im at 110mm but uber harsh mid stroke. Cant find anything on web for oil levels. Need to plush up these old things a bit. Ideas? 525exc 06. Sprung for my fat butt already. Comp all the way down…still harsh.

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  1. Re valve is probably the only way

  2. I believe the manual stated 110mm +/- 20mm so drop level to 130mm. However that’s not likely to address much of your issue

  3. If u increased spring rate try slowing down rebound

  4. Change the weight of your fork oil it could help somewhat but could need a re valve

  5. Thats a good fork… lots of tuners know them well… Dicks, Precision Concepts ect… my suspension works really good

  6. I took mine down to 140mm and it seemed to help

  7. Set the oil level at 1:40 mm

  8. Derrick, Based on what you’ve shared so far, you feel the mid stroke harshness, and you’ve got the right springs in the forks and your comp is all the way soft. Where’s your rebound at? As for what to do next, Try dialing in a lot more compression damping. If your comp is way soft, it allows the fork to blow right through the stroke and smack dab into the mid stroke harshness. What you want is your base valve compression damping to ease you into the mid stroke damping, not drop you off a cliff and flat land on a rock. That’s why you’ll want more compression damping from your clickers. This could be made worse if your rebound damping is too slow. That would prevent your forks from extending back to the top of the stroke where the damping is lighter. As for oil level, that effects the bottoming resistance. It controls the air chamber that acts as a secondary spring at the end of your forks stroke, The bigger the air chamber the softer the end of the stroke will be, but it’ll also allow the forks to bottom out pretty hard if there isn’t enough oil in the forks.

  9. Ok i gotta back up here. My sag and static sag are way the F off. 17mm static and 87mm race….damn front end is being loaded hard and forcing bike to ride deep into fork stroke

  10. Slavens says 105-110mm race w 25-40mm free. That right?

  11. Damn bike riding around like a stink bug!!

  12. Ok…just putted around here behind house..very rocky and harsh washouts….feels like im riding on a pillow now! Forks 20 clicks both ways, shock set to factory, fork sag 65mm, static sag on rear 42mm race sag 112mm. Bike doesn’t jerk on bars anymore in the chop…sigh of relief.

  13. Derrick Hager to hear this ! I like mine at 112mm also …

  14. Well one crappy think is now my trail tech kickstand is too long hahahahaha!

  15. Probably test it this weekend and see if i have any deflection at speed. So far none but i ride harder in a group.

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