Would the standard mt09 exhaust system fit the tracer?


Quick one guys, would the standard mt09 exhaust system fit the tracer thanks.

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  1. Aftermarket versions may do, but vary between vendors, the OEM version does not, brackets are in different places due to the centre stand.

  2. yes, but not with the shroud unless you remove the centre stand, MT09 and Tracer shrouds are not interchangeable.

  3. I have an MT09 exhaust on mine, but made new brackets to fit the Tracer shroud.

    • No trouble with the main bracket? a guy on the US forum got a standard mt/fz 09 exhaust to gut the cat, and the main bracket was in the wrong place when he tried to fit it to the tracer!

    • Jools Blackburn nope, that’s why I got a spare exhaust, the 2 mounting brackets are in the same position, only the shroud mounts are different.

    • the post on the US forum is from a few years back, I wonder if the earliest fz that he got the exhaust from was slightly different? Anyway! Happy to be proved wrong, should be easier to find a spare one myself now!

    • I had a 2014 MT09 that I did the same mod on and the mounting brackets looked identical.

    • Les Elliott! Weird indeed!

    • Mounting bracket is the same but the shroud is different. I cut the bottom shroud bracket off to clear the Centre stand and then trimmed the MT09 shroud to clear as I was lucky to get the shroud too. And yes I did the “gut the cat mod” on the MT exhaust.

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