Would I get better fuel economy in or out of band?


Odd question, but hopefully someone on here has tested this or just has more smarts than me…. Ive just finished setting the bike up for a trip to far north Queensland and will have a little bit of Highway speed work to do. Just took the bike for a test ride and right on 100 it wants to come in and out of band, which will be super annoying if I have to do a decent stretch at that speed. (probably no more than 10-20 minutes, my butt couldn't handle any more)

So would I get better fuel economy in or out of band? I was thinking of adjusting it to come in at around 90 under the logic that there would be less exhaust restriction once its open, hence better economy?? Any advice is welcome!!

Would I get better fuel economy in or out of band?

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  1. My guess would be mid to high revs just below the powerband.

  2. If you sit at 100 ul blow it up

  3. https://youtu.be/r4OTPITW4Es

    Might clear things up a bit….. Going to ride this track and some others in the area, but on the way home and possibly between tracks there will be some graded roads that will be 80-100 in some sections.

  4. Not a bike you’d by for road use

  5. Another video of some of the area. https://youtu.be/Yuy4ILbOlnE

    Think some people are a little confused on what im doing, im not riding Highways or lots of sealed roads…. Dont get me wrong, my brother on the dr400 has probably the best bike of us all. If I could register my 500 id take that but I cant…. So the 300 it is, paired with a 300 husky… A little uncomfortable, yes but if you let comfort control what you do its gotta be a awful boring life I cant wait to see some beautiful country side! And disturb the peace with a little oil burning

  6. Am I missing something here. 2 strokes were used on road bikes for a long time. Not to mention the Kart racers are running at speeds up to 100+MPH. A lot of the old style cafe racer road bikes are 2 stroke.

  7. Do you have an RR pipe fitted?
    What model is the Xtrainer?
    What jetting are you running?
    What gearing?

  8. On a fuel milage only basis and going by what I lived with my YZ with the powervalve problem I had I think it will do better in the band. Probably about 2:1 difference.

  9. I run a 15 : 48 gearing and it sits just on the sweet spot of the lower part of the band. I have also changed the pipe and the jetting to run it leaner. Will do 145km plus, but you should hold it flat and hit the kill switch every 15 to 20 secconds for about 2 seconds to cool and lube the bottom end

  10. 2-stroke not good for any kind of consistent throttle holding a lot better for on and off the throttle Woods type riding

  11. more oil = less fuel. runs lean. its an easy mistake. if you do run more oil then go up a jet size. or raise the needle. if its comining in and out the band just wind the powervalve in or out to adjust the point it comes in. for roadwork probably go with winding it out 1 turn from flush. you only have to take an allen key with you then

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