Will this be noticeable or cause any problems?


Hi guys, question, if your suspension at the top of the triple clamp is not evenly sticking out above the clamp, let’s say half a millimetre to 1mm, will this be noticeable or cause any problems.

Will this be noticeable or cause any problems?

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  1. I’m not expert by any means but I would say yes

  2. Should be the same, would you notice? Possible not, you might get a bit of a wiggle though

  3. Prolly not that noticeable, but just set it right.

  4. It does when you start playing with the knobs and dial it in to your liking

  5. its not a good idea your suspension should be evenly set

  6. Visualy maybe yes,but not a problem in how forks works.You have bikes where one fork leg have spring,other only rebound damping..Or two legs working totaly diferantly,with diferant settings.On your bike,big nut is preload,and set those at same length.Middle bolt is for rebound,and if fork legs are not adjusted equaly(been serviced,taken a part and not been followed rod and nut gap equaly)Best way,check how many clicks have middle screw,from fully screw in to fully screw out.Iff not the same number of clicks,then not the same internaly.Still no problem,just do same number of clicks out from fully screwed in and they will work with equal rebound!,No matter if one looks lower or higher.

  7. Less than a MM… I’m gonna go ahead and vote: Fuck no.

  8. they should be flush , but you can move them up to about 5 m which puts more on the front , ive raised my rear with a 4m yam shim

  9. Depending on how far off it is, you will definitely notice it in the wear pattern on your front tire.

  10. Are you talking about the entire fork not sitting the same in the clamp as the other? Or the pre-load collar?

  11. Great on roundabouts

  12. I just had to take of my triple tree to replace some clip On bars and as long as you eyeball it and it looks even or just take pictures before and after. Mine rode good

  13. Make sure you retouqure your triple tree after a ride or two

  14. Literally loosen two bolts and move it.

  15. #1: short answer, no you won’t notice it

    #2: longer answer: when fork height is set, there can possibly be a tiny difference in where the fork is located to even out the force on the axle. If the axle doesn’t spin fairly freely in the forks (without the wheel) then one leg needs to go down or up slightly to find the perfect location. Not much but sure, .5mm is reasonable. All other things being equal the forks should be even. However unless you are a very fast racer you won’t notice a small ride height difference, probably not 5mm let alone a tenth of that.

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