Will the dash throw a code? | YZF R1


Expecting my 3/4 exhaust to be in today. My question is will the dash throw a code once I delete the cat and servos?

Will the dash throw a code? | YZF R1

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Answers ( No )

  1. If you haven’t flashed the ECU with the EXUP removal enabled and you unplug the EXUP controller, you will get a code. You can just remove the cables and keep the servo to avoid it.

  2. Well I have a track day Saturday and I dont want my bike failing tech for whatever reason.

  3. Yes it will throw a code and run like absolute shit, going to pop and sound like shit if you don’t do ais plates

  4. Get it flashed!

  5. May as well upgrade the air filter while In there

  6. I plan on getting it flashed an all that jazz.

  7. And enable the auto blipper while you are there!

  8. lol don’t think he’s going to spend all that

  9. Its like $800 bucks.

  10. I track everthing stock..seems fine though..lol..but I am getting it flashed soon

  11. If you get the servo delete thing that you plug in it once you delete it im pretty sure it wont throw a code. It may not run at its stongest without a ecu flash and smog plates. But itd still be fine to run. Exhaust might have alot of backfire to it without the smog plates. She’ll be shootin some flames

  12. If you just leave the exup motor connected and remove the cables you won’t get an exup related error code. Depending on the exhaust you purchased, it could give you an error code from the front two – 02 sensors being removed. At Graves we take out the front 02 sensors they hamper flow of the exhaust (directly related to making power) and aren’t needed when properly tuned. Either way using a FTEcu product (‘s) like mentioned to effectively maximize your investment to perform correctly and optimize everything needed including removing error codes is the BEST way to go. Hope this helps.

  13. I removed my cat, left standard can on, standard air filter and bike runs fine, do get a lot of popping and some flames bit that doesn’t bother me, I will get it flashed at some point though.

  14. I did a cat delete, removed the cables, and kept the exup valve servo connected. No difference in power. A lot of scare mongers. The only time you really need to flash and gain power is if you do a complete replacement of the entire system. Think about it.

  15. The effects of that front graphics is actually very pronounced when side by side like that

  16. My graves 3/4 exhaust didn’t come with provisions for both O2 sensors, so I had to delete them. Without a flash, you would definitely get errors if that’s the road you are also headed down.

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