Why the 2018 Tracer is 4kg heavier?


Can someone maybe explain why the new Tracer is 4kg heavier? My thinking was bikes were supposed to get lighter not heavier. I know it’s not much extra weight but was just wondering what’s it from

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  1. It has a longer swingarm to cure the wobble that Yamaha say’s doesn’t exist.

  2. There is a lot more plastic up front on the bike. The overall size and shape of the plastic around the headlights is larger, Also there is some additional body work on the top front of the tank closing in the gaps that is there on the current gen. Its for better air flow. That is probably not all of the additional weight but it is surely some of it.

  3. Assuming the majority of us aren’t built like racing snake GP riders, I wouldn’t get too worried about motorcycle weight ! ?

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