Why Royal Enfield Classic 350 ?


Thumper brothers.. ..i have a question. …the top speed of classic 350 is about 120 kmph. which is even lesser than some 200cc bikes and even the acceleration is like a 150-200cc bike then what is so special in this 350cc bike.. ..i own a classic 350 lagoon. Dont think i m insulting these legendary RE bikes. ..i jst want to know.. ..thanks in advance

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  1. Its not bcoz of Thump
    Its not bcoz of weight
    Its not boz of metal
    Its not bcoz of Royalty.
    RE and Harley never show their power output, they give you torque.
    Its bcoz of stroke of the engine.
    Kamal Kannan has explained well.
    RE isn’t ment for speed as it has longer strokes and high end torque. In Normal bike piston has to travel shorter than RE.
    So you will not get much speed in RE. But you can cruise well without engine fatigue.
    RE is not about speed so consider its other beautiful parameters..

  2. It’s a cruise motorcycle not a racing one! Secondly, on 500CC you can achieve both for longer duration but on highways.

  3. Extreme terrains needs extreme machines. Muddy roads, crossing the river needs tremendous torque and powerful RE engines produce that. RE bikes are made for diverse terrains, made to ride long distances as well as on deadly roads, in challenging environments. THey are not racing bikes to achieve 180KPH, but no pulsar or splendour can cross rivers or muddy pathes. Only bullet (RE bikes) can.

  4. RE is,all about vintage power style

  5. RE is not for Race its for Ride…! :p

  6. RE has a slow speed engine. The power that most of the small bikes generate at their peak RPM, RE does that at half of it. RE has greater Torque than most of the 200-250 cc bikes. There is a simple way to understand the Torque & BHP relation same as Horse & Donkey.

  7. Well, don’t listen to all the vindictive comments by fanboys here. Yours is a pretty genuine query.

    Most of it has been explained above by bhaskar. The RE engines are running on old age technology. Their engines aren’t designed to extract maximum efficiency. Infact they have very low power per cc displacement.
    Secondly, since they are long stroke push rod engines, they are slow revving engines and won’t rev as high as modern motorcycles.

    Also, as far as stability is concerned, it isn’t dependent on weight.
    Its got more to do with chassis and suspension design and quality of tyres.
    The duke’s chassis, suspension and tyres are any day more stable than the RE’s. Try riding both to 120 and stopping them from that speed and you’ll know which is more stable.

    The RE is meant only for one thing – its old school charm of a vintage looking bike.

    Thankfully though, RE has now started catering to us Automotive professionals who understand technology by giving us the himalyan and also developing a parallel twin 750 which is in the works.

  8. Its simple Bullet is not a racing bike you made the wrong choice friend!!!

  9. Alot of guys have explained u d same fact…. Am also doing d same… Think RE as a Truck which has d power but doesnt have d torque or acceleration… On d other hand d other 200cc bikes (by which u meant our indian bikes) are more concentrated in torques but not in power as a Car… So car has d acceleration but not d power and vice versa… I hope u get wat u r asking for

  10. Go for a long drive wth ur sports byk n ltr wth a RE..then u ll nevr ask ds qstn agn…

  11. BHnchod aisa sawaal poocha is bande ne, sabne gaand hi mardi… (Doobara mat puchna)

  12. Compare apple to apple, not apple to guava. No cruiser of 350cc comes closer to RE when it comes to weight ratio and torque…. you drive in 2nd gear still no issue… that’s the beauty of RE. Built like gun and built for relaxed cruising not havoc run

  13. RE is fr power prestige long tour nd all…. nd cond compare other bikes with RE coz other bikes nd RE bothade for diff. Purposes

  14. Ride at 120kmph on other shits, u’ll feel the difference!!!!\nAnd bye the way RE are built to explore the magic of ride, not to race

  15. Simple answer— With great power comes big responsibilities….

  16. I just own a RE and a RC so I could go for the speed when I want & for the feeel I have got RE classic 500

  17. simple words…. u can take a pulsar to 120km with a pillion on… and put in another guy for the sake of explanation and ur bike don’t cross 100 and add another guy the max ur pulsar would go is 80 but in a enfield… load up to 5 guys and it will still do 120 although might take a lot longer time to get there…. torque that engine had

  18. Itz not speed guyz….\nEven in the first gear the legendary RE steps out slowly…\nSlite refusal to move…\nIts it signature man…\nA pulsar or any other sports bike can b compared to one another…\nBt u dnt have any other opponent to b compared with RE….\nRE stands alone…\nAnd will not follow any crowd….

  19. Ask the 220 cc ppl to do a hip deep river crossing. ….then u wil kno.. ..

  20. Bhaskar J Kashyap explained good.. adding further did u see a150 fastest acclerating bike running since 1980 on same engine?no u wont..coz RE mechanics is based on putting less pressure in cylinder nd making it long live.toyota doing same with innova fortuner etc.\nThese 150 200 hgh pik up bike manufcture design cylinder for high pressure ..extracting more bhp…nd in 5 year engine cry like a witch

  21. The power u feel with bullet nvr be compared with any pulsar or sports bike

  22. I appriciate all the coments… the respect that RE earns on road…no other bike can earn it.\nRE can constantly go for 150 km at an average speed of 80 km where as any other sport bike can zoom faster but can not be so constant as RE because of tourque….incline riding u can take RE on the third gear where as the sport bike will clim on the fiRST gear…thats the difference…riding bulett is an addiction…boss…its not for race …its longlived…and carries its herritage generation to the next generation….

  23. U say that u have 350 then after u r asking this Type of question Just do one thing sell u r 350 .

  24. Yaar when we ride a royal enfield she communicate( talk) with the owner ( rider) but any other bike can’t do that…

  25. buddy you need to learn science to understand that!!!

  26. i believe u r trying to compare it with duke200 which is in the same price bracket…there are difference and even they are good too for the purpose they are made. They are sports bikes and RE is a tourer…for a tourer bike BHP doesnt matter much…what matters is the torque….confused??? want to understand in 10 minutes??? Take both the bike on an uphill climb…your RE will feel less stressed and much faster while climbing the hills…reason duke200 produces 19.2 Nm@ 8000RPM…and CL350 produces 28Nm @ 4000 RPM…Note the RPM difference…it indicates how much less u have to throttle…It indicates that where a duke have to climb a hill in 1st/2nd gear, you will be doing it easily in 3rd gear…without changing gears much.

  27. Just to add, a duke 200 weighs exactly 60KG lesser than your CL350….you will realize the day u crash your RE…Being heavy they dont get dragged much…and its full metal body can withstand higher impact than the fiber body parts…those bikes just chop down all the unnecessary body parts to increase the power to weight ratio. If you have noticed, in Moto GP, bikes do not even have headlight as well cause that adds to extra unnecessary weight.

  28. Yes 200cc bikes r faster … they r High RPM high BHP high bore compression ratio bike … light weight … RE has low rpm High Torque based engine … both r made for different purpose … one is made for sports and one for cruising … Now in a 200cc sports bike u put a heavy pillion ur bike half of the power will be gone … but on RE it won’t make much difference …. \nA CAR IS MUCH FASTER THAN A TRUCK … THAT DOESNT MEAN THE CAR HAS MORE POWERFUL ENGINE THAN THE TRUCK !!!! 😉

  29. Cruiser bikes r meant for royal cruising not for ruthless speeding..hope u undstnd bro

  30. In contradiction you are comparing Harley Davidson with hayabusa or something. \nU are totally wrong. You can’t compare cruise bikes and sports bike. Both are from different worlds.

  31. Yup a 800cc Harley Davidson can’t catch a 350 cc Ninja or Yamaha … never in terms of speed …

  32. And if u like speed …. go for YAMAHA RD 350…. in terms of speed it can smoke up any modern sports bike available in India till date …. 😀

  33. High RPM = High BHP = Low Engine Life = Low Torque
    Enfiled has Low RPM = Same BHP = High life = High Torque

    Top speed of high rpm bikes and enfield is same. But power i.e. torque required to climb hilly or muddy area is lesser in high rpm bikes. You can always do after market changes to slightly improve the speed. I have 500 cc classic and it can go to 130-135 the max I tried… But have seen few modified ones going 150-160 though.

  34. Yeh men ride royal enfield sab chodo…It’s all about torque brother…to understand that u have to find the difference between power and torque…google it…read.. Read.. Read…and u will get to know…

  35. Good question buddy…. OK here we go
    1. Purpose…. Tourer and all rounder
    2. Old school charm (ever wondered why a old vintage car goes for more buck than a ultra modern beauty?)
    3. Cult following
    4. Bigger, louder, more stable, more torque…
    5. Bike that lasts for generations
    6. Conqueror (yes it can go literally anywhere …. Rivers, mountains, roads, no roads, mud, snow… U name it)
    7. U never get bored of it. It keeps u interested
    9. Its organic.. Yup it communicates with u, the sound, the vibrations everything speaks
    10. King like feel…. Yes u rule the roads with RE….
    M sure there r many more I could just keep on going……
    Cheers mate…

  36. The bhp is less and also the aerodynamics. Our bikes aren’t for racing but built for comfortable ride on tough routes. You can load huge luggage, go ride to the top of mountains and still it goes with the same speed without suffocating.

  37. R.e has a cruiser engine….well other bikes hav sports engine…..
    Other bikes hav less power more speed…
    R.E has more power less speed….
    U can cruise about 100 km on royal enfeild without any stress…
    But other bikes may give u top speed but not for long time….

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