Why don’t you wear more high visibility clothing?


Here is a question (or two) I often ponder. “Why don’t you wear more high visibility clothing? Aren’t you afraid you won’t be seen?”
Non cyclists promoting high-vis clothing is quite normal. The problem, though, is not so much visibility in my opinion but disregard and some measure of disdain for cyclists.
We are perceived as foolish or childish for riding children’s toys in traffic. We are to grow up and get an automobile if we want to go anywhere.
I think that for many cyclist haters, it is as simple as that…we are not taken seriously.

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  1. Non cyclists think we are mental πŸ™‚ . I'm about to start commuting again after quite a long time time due to many reasons. Can't wait to get going πŸ™‚ my co-workers think I'm mental πŸ™‚ How do you explain that cycling in the rain doesn't bother you? πŸ™‚

  2. Richard, you are correct. A lot of folks see bikes as toys and not as commuter vehicles or recreation and health tools The only way to combat this is through education and awareness. I am saddened by the growing rift between cyclists and motorists; mainly the extremists that claim the other is evil. All we can do is take a deep breath, smile and continue to encourage dialog and acceptance of each.

  3. Yes some ppl are ignorant & have a disdain for cyclists out on the road. Most of them don't know the laws concerning share the road or cyclists have a right to the road too. Some folks say things out of fear because they're scared to ride on the road. Which is understandable considering some aggressive drivers & crashes on the road. We have to keep cycling & educate the masses so we can all stay safe doing what we love.

  4. Ignorance and impatience…on both sides of the wheel…are what lead to injury, death, and outrage. Education helps, but the need for a deep breath and some compassion is just as deep.

  5. Well, I wear hi-viz (i.e bright colors) because it makes me more visible to motorists. I also run front and rear lights whenever I ride. One night, I was driving home from work and almost ran down a cyclist wearing dark clothing on a black bike with no lights or reflectors.

  6. I totally get it and I do much to make my bicycle highly visible including highly reflective slow moving vehicle triangle and flashing and non flashing lights. I do not transfer that MO to my wardrobe is all.
    What we DO need is education, awareness, and discussion.

  7. High Vis clothes do little to nothing unless it's a bright sunny day. Floro Colors are excited by UV rays from the sun. No UV rays, No fluorescent pop. Simple as that. I'm not going to spend the money on a piece of kit that doesn't warrant the investment. Simple as that.

    I would rather spend money on good lighting, and been seen that way.

  8. There is disdain on both sides. I think most drivers are quite sincere in wanting to see riders, especially in low light situations. There's far too many idiots out there in the evenings with dark clothes, no lights, and no reflectors. HiViz also includes reflective stripes. Too many riders don't want to wear anything they consider geeky or uncool. 99% of drivers don't want to hit us. It ruins everyone's day.

  9. I agree and throw in distracted driving.

  10. Here is some more food for thought!www.psychologicalscience.org/uncategorized/bike-visibility-does-little-to-change-drivers-dangerous-overtaking.html

  11. I don't care at all what non-cyclists think about me. I do use flashing lights to be more visible but it's for my own safety and has nothing to do with the perceptions of others.

  12. I think that a bright colored shirt or jersey is a great idea, I don't much care what motorists think of me either. But I do want them to notice me. I simply refuse to wear a high-visibility vest for several reasons. They are generally non-vented, hot, stiff, heavy and ugly garments that only give an illusion of safety. They are better suited to the traffic control flaggers that they were designed for.
    My bike on the other hand is highly visible with lights and colors, and I am very comfortable and aware of my surroundings at all times.

  13. In my own personal experience I found hi vis clothing did little to make cars more aware of me. I also found that it made me to trusting of drivers thinking "of course they can see me".

    So I stopped wearing it and instead focused on defensive riding. Best decision I've ever made. In 30+years on a bike commuting and working as a courier, I've never been hit by a car.

  14. I hate it when people out on their evening walks on shared paths don't wear hi vis, especially when they're walking a dark dog. A reflective leash is very handy.

  15. I wear a lot of high viz and have lights blinking front & back at all times.

  16. Just got back from getting groceries. We take a country roads route to the store. Saw a cyclists neon green helmet from way off before I saw the rest of him or his bike against the back drop.

  17. I don't know, all that bright stuff just gives them something to aim at……… Just trying on my sense of humor.

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