Why does everyone like Strava so much?


Serious question. Why does everyone like Strava so much. I can’t stand that app. I much prefer Endomondo.

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  1. Well for starters it does everything Strava does and more and connects to my Gear Fit 2.

  2. Most of these apps do about the same thinga with some degree of variations: Mapmyride, Ridewithgps, Strava, Endomondo etc.
    Strava happened to be the most popular one and its users somewhat compete with themselves and each other.
    I would not say that one app is much better than the other one. What one uses is a matter of preference.

  3. Why do I like it?

    -Segments: to push myself
    -Social : so I can keep up with locals I ride with
    -Challenges : to push myself on a grander scale.
    -Flatter UI : Easier to use and understand
    -Pros : The ability to follow certain pros to see exactly what's going on with them
    -3rd Party apps : ValeoViewer, Relive and such to get expanded details or fun extras to make it more visually appealing.

    I, personally, cannot stand Under Armours suite of apps. There all to busy with not enough meat to them. Since I've started my Weight Loss Journey I've played with all the popular ones and UA cannot "get it right" in my opinion.

  4. I had problems with Strava for a while. Used Endomondo and Wahoo Fitness. Strava has more of a community among the riders.

  5. I use polar flow, and this connects automatically to Strava. So although I use Strava, to me it's a secondary App not my primary one

  6. Was using MapMyRide but switched to Strava after hearing about the Relive app.

  7. Personal preference, really…

  8. Garmin connect sync … To your favorite.

  9. Figured it out. Used a website called tapiriik and set up automatic syncing between endomondo and strava. Now I can share strava data…

    For instance, here is my Saturday ride:


  10. Strava records segments and shows you where you stack up, does the other one do that?

  11. I use MapMyRide app to track rides and training, I upload that to Strava just because it is where everyone else is at and I do like the site a lot, for me it is that the Strava App sucks balls. For laying out rides as a GPX I use RideWithGPS. I also track my rides on my Garmin eTrex device and use it for navigation in conjunction with an app.

  12. Ride with GPS. Tons of rides, to download and edit, make your own.

  13. Well that sucks, indoor trainer rides don't transfer

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