Why do stunters prefer Kawasaki?


Why do stunters prefer Kawasaki over other brands for their bikes, never really understood this

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  1. I see more stunters on Hondas and Suzukis

  2. I keep seeing Kawasaki and was wondering why, Honda and Suzuki parts are easier to get ur hands on as opposed to kawa

  3. The pull is awesome on the 03-04 , and the stunt parts are everywhere for them too. I like 05-06 cause it seems to pull strong yet smooth.

  4. 636. That is all

  5. 636 has more power in the lower rpms which makes it easier for stunting.

    • I would actually disagree. 636s have some good top end. But the whole power range and slipper clutch setup allow for smoother stunts.

  6. You can put a 60T sprocket on any bike and it’s stuntable. The reason why Honda and Suzuki parts are easier to get hold of is because all the Kawasaki’s have been turned into stunt bikes and have been crashed and written off due to some serious riding, thus putting strain on the remaining stock of the earlier models. 03/04 636 are the best, as can be seen in YouTube street stunting in the States, UK and others. Suzuki’s have the most robust chassis so they’re tough. Hondas engines can take the biggest thrashing the CBR F4i being a great example of the perfect mix of all aspects needed to build a stunt bike, strong chassis, durable engine etc, but the Kawi’s have better because of throttle control and power delivery low down and have a good balance between chassis strength and engine viability. And even standard, the Kawi’s are the lightest, and light bikes are easier to stunt. Amen

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