Why do people put hats under their helmets?


Ok, question. Why do people put hats under their helmets? Doesn’t it totally negate all the venting and make your head really hot?

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  1. So sweat doesn't run down your face, and in the rain it helps keeping the rain out of your eyes.

  2. But don't you sweat more because it's there? My helmet has a visor built in to keep the rain out.

  3. I actually sweat less with a cap, and it absorbs the sweat to stop it running down my face and neck. Its an extra layer of insulation against hot and cold weather

  4. Really? I must be a hot head then lol

  5. Not only that, but us bald dudes use them as protection from sun burn. The first year I did a lot of cycling the vent pattern was tanned into my scalp

  6. ^^^ now that I see as a good reason lol

  7. I turn the hat backwards under the helmet when riding so the hat brim protects my neck from the sun. The band inside the back of the hat keeps the sweat from running into my eyes while riding. Works great.

  8. It's just a tradition that people think is cool. I use an ultra-thin "Headsweats" skull cap under mine which actually wicks sweat and provides UV protection efficiently.

  9. It does indeed negate the ventilation however in my case I have no hair to contain my sweat so a hat or skull cap is a necessity to keep me from going blind… I guess I could sneak a Richard Simmons head band below my helmet

  10. 1) so sweat doesn't run down your forehead.
    2) at higher speed it pushes wind across your face with the peak up to keep your glasses from fogging up
    3) you can put the peak down to keep the sun out of your face

  11. I have seen on here I believe someone cut the center of the cap out .. best of both worlds maybe .. never tried it

  12. I wear a du rag under my helmet so my head doesn't look like a grilled burger.

  13. I don't wear a hat under my helmet but I understand why people do, I would find it far too hot . I just use my glove to wipe the sweaty forehead… That's what it's for right?

  14. Head Sweats are great for comfort, cool, and ventilation. Ball caps are hot and restrict most all the airflow.

  15. I wear a headband Under my helmet best of both worlds

  16. How can you be really hot in Seattle?

  17. Headsweats are made from technical fabric so they both absorb sweat and "breathe". I have now started using a GUTR, but still switch back and forth. Not fully sold on the GUTR yet.

  18. I don't wear anything under the helmet, warm weather or cold, road or off road. As far as the visor and sun issue- function over form. Wear what you want there are no rules other than that you wear a helmet. That is rule #1.

  19. halo headband to stop a sea of sweat running into my eyes

  20. Nothin under my helmet

  21. I started wearing a du rag under my helmet in summer because of bad sunburns on my head through the helmet. But I don't wear it under my helmet in spring and fall.

  22. Skin cancer. I burn really easily. Docs caught my skin cancer early and treatment worked. But it will come back. And it will be sooner if I get too much sun.

    So, I bought a safari hat made out of modern materials that wick away sweat and actually help me stay cooler. It has a very large brim and a short 'cape' that covers my ears, neck, and shoulders.

    It works great! It fits under my helmets perfectly. It probably looks dorky. But, I'd rather that than more skin cancer.

  23. I do it to prevent sunburn on my head.

  24. SUNBURN ,, not good

  25. Block sun and absorb sweat.

  26. I have really thin hair and wear a POC helmet with really large ventilation holes so i wear a hat to stop my head from being sunburnt in the Californian sun

  27. I must be odd. I've never had a sunburn on my head but then again my vents aren't huge. I've never understood the big wide open vents, something could go through there and right to your skull unrestricted in a crash. I also have thick hair which helps a lot.

  28. Sunburn prevention, Christopher. Also, if it is cool outside, it helps retain heat.

  29. Sunburn and keep sweat out of my eyes

  30. The ventilation still works to evaporate the sweat in the cap. The cap just moves keeps the sweat from streaming down your head (and into your eyes).

  31. As a Sun visor and I use ones that have a sweat band to help keep the sweat out of my eyes.

  32. I could maybe see wearing a hat in the winter but not the summer. I wear a thin sweat cap for summer and a little heavier cap for the cold. Of course having some hair on your head helps

  33. I wear a hat because of the bill. I can flip it down and it keeps sweat out of my eyes.

  34. proper cycling caps were worn by professional cyclists long before helmets became legal, to keep sun and rain out of their eyes. Lots of older cyclists still carry that tradition on wearing them under helmets, the caps were very light weight and were more beneficial than not.

  35. To look as bad ass as Frank Vandenbroucke!

  36. I always use a cycling cap under my helmet for the visor.

  37. i strap an air conditioner on my helmet ..

  38. Put the hat on backwards… the bill keeps the sun off the back of my neck and the hat protects my nearly bald head from sunburn through the vents. Also great for keeping sweat out of my eyes.

  39. I find it helps keep the helmet in place and reduces shifting while getting bounced around ,also I prefer the feel of sweat drenched cloth against my head to the feel if sweat slimed helmet liner

  40. I do to keep from getting sunburn stripes on my bald head

  41. Keeps your head warm when its cold and easy to takeoff and stow in a pocket when you warm up. Gives you a brim to help with the sun on a warm day and if you get one with good ventilation it doesnt cause too much overheating, also if you are a big sweater (like me) the hat soaks up sweat and prevents it going into your eyes!

  42. I will wear a skull cap under my helmet for mountain biking to give a bit of protection from ticks. Nothing under my helmet for road though. I'd get too hot.

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