Why didn’t you buy a Splendor or TVS 50


I dont get the point. If someone asks a question. No matter what it is.
I read the comments like, “why didnt u buy a splendor or tvs 50” . And insult the person who is asking the question.

The whole point of this community it to find people who have common interests and so that the new guys ask the experience guys how things are and all.

Can we be bit civilized and help each other out? Will you get anything from insulting a new​ RE rider who is looking for guidance? Other than ego satisfaction?

Lets grow as a community together and help each other out.

Happy and safe riding 😉

Peace ☮️

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    There are some faggot in this group who think they are superior or something.


    Ya bro. Everyone has a RE here. how can any1 be superior to anyone? And even if a person doesn’t have RE, he/she will not be inferior to a RE owner.\n\nBecause of few, all the RE owners are getting bad name like. He owns an RE and he thinks he is superior to everyone even though he might be down to earth guy. 🙁


    many people in this group has this mentality.
    people don’t understand that every motorcycle has something bad.

    does RE has good mileage, NO.
    does splendor has good riding comfort while riding long distances, NO.

    then why this differentiation?????
    stop claiming that you are the king if you drive an enfield.

    grow up people.


    I dont understand why this negativity on the internet. If you dont have anything good to say dont say at all simple as that. Instead they have to pass​ lame comments which will nither help them or the person who is asking the question.

    Like once i saw a guy who asked will speed petrol give better mileage?
    If you know the answer. Say it.
    But instead i saw comments like why did u buy enfield for mileage you should have bought splendor.

    And i have a old splendor which gives a mileage of 40kmpl the 350cc RE gives better mileage than that.

    And it doesn’t mean that a person buying a royal Enfield should not think about saving money on fuel.
    What if he is a collage student or he is rideing his brothers or fathers bike.
    Or the RE was a gift for him, but he is not earning yet?

    Point is if you dont have solution for the question dont comment rather than insulting someone.

    Peace ☮️


    I see your point. You are the goody goody types. The idea is to have fun at any cost and since there is no physical harm, its part of the game.


    Retards and mosquitoes float around in huge numbers. All they want, is to give itch!


    There is fine between sarcasm and insult. Problem is many on this Facebook platform just don’t get it!


    the think is those who have the tvs or splendor are commenting like this to say there splendor is best than royal Enfield lol

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