Why did I lose my back breaks? (cforce 500s)


So I asked you guys about a bad squeak I had coming from my cforce 500s and a lot of you said breaks so I removed the front break pads and it indeed got rid of the squeak but my question is why did I lose my back breaks as well from just removing the front pads? Are they all connected? Not sure what’s going on there lol

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  1. Yes 4×4 so they brake the same

  2. hydraulic system has 2 circles – foot brake is central for all 3 brakes, and front brakes have 2 piston each ! the second circle is only front brakes from hand lever.. so if u remove front pads, u remove also rear circle … the braking squeak is traditional cfmoto noise 😀 u have some air in system.. you should get used to it

  3. So if I replace the front pads and re compress everything will I get my back breaks back or is there something else I have to do?

    • probably yes, but not for long… central braking piston (foot lever) is piece of sh#t… it cann stuck and seal is bad – so air cann come back in to that system again..another usual issue od braking system is: broken hose… every year… right side… i broke 2x

  4. Know anywhere online where I can order a set of pads for both sides? I find it hard trying find parts for these bikes

    • actually, more manufacturers using the same pads – CFMOTO, LINHAI, GOES, TGB 🙂 U cann find on the aliexpress. Im from europa so i dont know if i cann help you with this..

  5. The suggestion was to remove and chamfer the edge of the pads and reinstall them, that will remove the squeak, you can’t stop without brake pads.

  6. I’m aware you need breaks to stop I didn’t remove them as a solution I only removed them long enough to see if it was the breaks and not something else

  7. So you don’t need new pads. They stop well and have been lasting pretty well too. Just chamfer the old ones. Reinstall and you “should” be good to go.

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