Why are they branded as a Z1000 in other countries?


I have a Z950 in the US. Why are they branded as a Z1000 in other countries? Just curious.

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  1. Metric lol

  2. It has nothing to do with engine cc since its over 950cc. its to compete with the 900 rzr since its lacking the hp to compete with the big boys

  3. Because the power of 79hp is more associated with the rzr 900 . So if u defined it as a 1000 u would expect a min of 100 hp

  4. As it has only a 963cc engine, they don't want to be sued by someone who doesn't understand that a Z1000 has not a 1000cc engine. therefore only Z950 in US but Z1000 in other markets as its sounds much cooler ­čÖé

  5. Not sure myself but even other models like say cforce 500 are sold as 550 , weird.
    As far as the new zforce 950 being called a 950 rather than 1000 is because they discontinued the old model zforce 1000 here in USA and replaced it with the all new zforce 950. Its a 963cc , same as the previous zforce 1000 had.

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