Why Are My Front Brakes Squealing?


Hello I have Suzuki DRZ 400. Why are my front brakes squealing? Rotor and pads are mint.

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  1. very often a good cleaning will take care off that

  2. They are mint. Perfectly clean

  3. Copper slip

  4. Squeeling high pitched??..or sort of a wizzing noise??..certain pads types wizz when brake applied.

  5. Only when just about to stop around 15mph. Squealing def

  6. Mine do that too n pads n rotor r good.

  7. Use pad glue between piston/pad, keeps pad firm on the piston, Generally it can be glazed rotor give it a light sand on an angle right round then go the opposite angle so it’s crossed over like an X, Squealing should be gone, unless you’ve got a rock or small stone caught on the pad itself etc

  8. If you are sure everything is fine then just deal with it. Its in the compound

  9. Strange stuff guys. Thanks everyone for the help

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