Who rides with earbuds?


Who rides with earbuds? What kind of music do you listen to while riding? Do you like easy listening on an early morning ride or are you like me and jam that high voltage rock ‘n’ roll while you play in 5 o’clock traffic? What motivates you to crank your pedals?

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  1. In Ohio you can only have one ear bud in ,it is a $150.00 fine if caught

  2. Something up tempo whether it be rock, pop, disco or classical.

  3. Depends. Mixed ride (some hills some sprints ) = some rap & hip hop ice cube, Wu-Tang clan, tupac…etc. it it's an all out ride then rock, punk and metal ( rage against the machine, Metallica, sum 41) only one earbud is a non negotiable and only when riding solo. In a group earbuds get put away

  4. I have a question about this question. Apparently there are laws stating you can only have one ear bud in – for safety reasons. So is a dead person not allowed to ride since they can't hear out of either ear? I'm not trying to be funny because I've lost most of my hearing in one ear and my second isn't fairing that well either. The other aspect is when I'm riding down the road say 20mph (downhill with a good tail wind) the wind noise is so much that I wouldn't hear a Mack Truck until it was on my back tire anyways. I understand in a more urban area noises can play a part of cycling but out in the country with the wind and speed on the bike, with or without headphones, I'm not going to hear anything.

  5. Riding a road bike with earbuds in is by far one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard of.

  6. Your primary defense while biking is your eyesight. You cannot rely on your ears, in a crowded urban environment by the time you hear a car that's going to hit you it'll be far too late. So, listen to all the music you want in the city, as long as your head's on a swivel.

    Country roads and trail riding are different, and hearing can be important

  7. I've been listening to a band called "Wardruna" a lot lately on my bike. It's unlike any music I've ever heard before and I love it.

  8. Try Cat-ears.com

  9. I wouldn't ride with any music period cause when riding throughout trails you can't hear anything from your surroundings so you dont know if there's someone else behind you trying to pass

  10. I listen to jazz rap!

  11. I enjoy listening on a blue tooth speaker so I can still hear traffic… I often listen to comedy podcasts or a Cubs game 😉

  12. I never ride with ear buds – headphones, etc… nothing that would prevent me from hearing what's going on around me. Additionally, I ride dedicated bike paths daily and I want to kick cyclists off the path – literally kick them off their bikes – because they are riding oblivious to the world around them. They are blasting music into their ears and riding without any mirrors to see what may be coming up behind them.
    You can scream "on your left" as loud as you can and forget about them hearing you.
    At an average of 25mph – I'd certainly mess them up ( along with myself) if I hit one of them.

    Likewise when I do see a tack that will allow me to pass them safely (I often kick in some extra watts and pass them around 30mph) it often startles them. I've had more than one almost crash as a result.

    The world is not your personal playground. Be aware of your surroundings and don't assume that everyone around you wants to tool along at 12mph.

    Cyclists that I encounter wearing ear buds listening to music are typically some of the most inconsiderate and rude cyclists I encounter.

  13. listen to the wind, traffic, and the tires.

  14. i use an Auvio mono earbud. I still get music "in stereo" in one ear. plus i don't have an extra earbud dangling that can get caught and damaged….nor do i have to worry about tucking it into something. and i never have it too loud either.

  15. I've used two different cylinder shaped Bluetooth speakers that fit in my bottle holder.

  16. 90's dance

  17. It is wonder we have never had the headphone debate before, how strange.

  18. So many people saying they don't listen to music because they can't hear their surroundings…..
    Try using the volume button!!!!
    It's an amazing invention, it allows you to listen to what's going on around you while listening to music in the back ground!!

  19. Only one earbud and the volume down low, but I like folk or something pop-y with a good beat!

  20. Blast Prog and extreme metal while bombing sketchy single tracks….

  21. Some cheap no name Bluetooth earbuds and usually my regular playlist which has bands like Nick Cave, Augustines, Airborne Toxic Event, Gregory Alan Isokov, The Veils, The Cure, Tom Waits, Explosions in the Sky, New Order, U2, and a load of others. I'm 44 years old and have been listening to some of these bands for 30 years and still don't know how to classify it when someone asks. I might pick a song when I'm about to start riding but I listen to whatever song comes on. I've got about 500 songs or so that I have on shuffle.

  22. Ok I don't ride with ear buds but all the comments of people saying "it's dangerous and you're going to die" are born out of ignorance. You can ride with ear buds and still hear everything around you.

    Most people I know who ride with buds only put one in their right rear which is the side closest to the curb. Their other ear bud is completely off. Then there are those who ride with both in but the volume is so low they can still hear everything and hold a conversation.

    Many people I have ridden with do this. It's just as safe as riding without ear buds. If it wasn't I wouldn't ride with them!!

  23. Nothing too dangerous

  24. I used to to drown out the misery of being out of shape. Now I enjoy the sound of silence. I ride Fat and MTB btw.

  25. So judging by comments. Deaf people are not allowed to ride bikes

  26. used to. now i have a speaker and i like it much more. music range is wide from classic rock, today pop and odd songs that inspire me. I make a new playlist every year of what motivates me. I always shuffle so i never know what is coming up.

  27. No ear buds. Jawbones so I can hear all of the traffic as well.

  28. Recently quit earbuds cuz I can't hear some cars till too late with em on. I just play my iphone now. It's not as bad as I thought. I listen to EVERYTHING. Elvis to Rage against the Machine…

  29. Sometimes and I listen to punk music. Dead Kennedys, The Clash, Fear, Exploited.

  30. I love my metal, and when my new kickstarter mirror arrives, I will probably have less reason to worry about cars. I wear the buds, because I have had too many assholes buzz by me blowing their horn. At least with the buds in that sounds is greatly reduced instead of scaring me off my saddle. If there is a possibility am going to get hit from behind I think a mirror would serve me better than hearing the screeching of tires.

  31. I love the sounds of nature while I ride, the rhythm of my bike, so no music for me.

  32. I ride with one ear bud in my right ear with music low so I can hear Approaching traffic on my left side

  33. I never ride with earbuds, I like to hear my surroundings.

  34. Ear buds while cycling are a terrible idea. You need all your senses to be functioning at 100% to stay alive while cycling.

  35. Unsafe to bike with music/air buds–listen to natures music instead!

  36. I listen to all my music on shuffle. Most of it is world dance music, mostly with hurdy-gurdies or bagpipes. But other things in there too, Mona Lisa Overdrive from the Matrix is good to cycle to. Sometimes I need to turn the volume up to hear the music over the traffic.

  37. ear buds are awsum when ur on a trail not in traffic , on the trail Left Lane Cruisers is the shiznit

  38. I'll get into some individual responses later but I see a wide variety of comments ranging from scolding me for being irresponsible and dangerous to actually answering my question lol… I see fans of many genres and that's pretty cool. A few punk rockers and metal heads… I have 2 playlists that I switch back and forth from. The one I'm currently stuck on is full of late 70s rock n roll like AC/DC, KISS, Ted Nugent, Motörhead, Sex Pistols and a bunch of 90s/00s sleaze rock like Nashville Pussy, ANTiSEEN, Zeke and the Super Suckers and the other has those artists plus a whole lot of old school punk, hardcore and various sub genres of metal and I like those while riding herd in traffic but I also want to start some early morning rides along the river with a calmer soundtrack like some old delta blues… some of you spoke of a Bluetooth speaker rather than earbuds and I have been considering that option as well. The point being that music pushes me to ride harder and faster and adds to the idea of being on a bike to forget the world, climb inside my head for a while and just fly.

  39. Ska, but on a portable speaker soo people can hear me when I come up to pass them

  40. I like a wide variety of music. If I am pleasure riding it's easy listening but if I am road riding it is not

  41. How ridiculous to name call over something like this

  42. Ranges from Metal to some electronic stuff depending on how I'm riding. Metal/rock for a smash fest and some chill electronic for easy sunrise rides

  43. News in the morning

  44. The sound of the world around me is my music when I'm on my bike.

  45. Bach's Requiem

  46. Bottom line: do not ride distracted. Listening to music using earphones out on the open road is unsafe.

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