Who doesn’t have a steering damper?


Who doesn't have a steering damper on their r1 and it doesnt bother them ?

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  1. you aint riding hard enough

  2. Me hate them tank slap means more throttle simple x

  3. Not many like to talk about it

  4. They’re a safety item, not a fix. So if you consistently need one, you’re having other problems. That being said, yes you should use one.

  5. Never needed one

  6. Good luck handling the tank slapping

  7. You mean other than stock?

  8. For sure you should have one

  9. Don’t all from 04-up have them stock?

  10. My 00 dont have one

  11. Fuck that mine tried to kill me numerous times shaking its head I out an ohlins damper on and what a different best 170quid I ever spent on a 4xv

  12. Wouldn’t own up to that one

  13. Not a required component. More of a bandaid. If you can’t eliminate headshake from smoothing out your inputs to the bike, get one.

  14. I have a GPR over my stock on the 15+ my 03 slapped once, that was enough to get a dampener.

  15. 98 and no…..
    But this particular bike, does Lurve to slap ud83eudd23 ud83dude08
    Raised rear ride hight and Yokes dropped down is the reason, along with forks that need a re valve.

  16. I watched a bloke go into a massive slapper on the drag strip going about 120 crashed then him and his bike went through the speed trap doing 95 ordered mine the same day

  17. I dont run one. I have one to put on it but never have lol

  18. 04 an up come with a stock dampner

  19. Not even a possibility

  20. My07 dosnt have one

  21. Before the 98 I had an fz750 that enjoyed shaking it’s head then got the 98 in 01 hit a good bump or under hard acceleration would shake it’s head has never bothered me so never worried about one.

  22. I don’t have one but I really want one. It’s almost like an insurance policy

  23. Good geometry setup will help minimize the need for one, but it’s always a good idea to have as a safety precaution as they do an effective job of helping stabilize. And can help if/when needed

    Do it!

  24. My 98 doesn’t have 1

  25. Mine came stock but when i had bought it last owner removed it it was scary first time minor wobbles now i can haul ass no wobles

  26. my 03 has one but the bolt into the tax has decided to fuck the threads up lol

  27. Rossi fited damper to his bike.Judging by some comments,maybe is not riding hard

  28. No steering damper on a r1? Yeh nah

  29. My 2010 feels heavy because of the stock I am told, a manually adjustable one would do wonders, is this true?

  30. 99 and 08 no damper and not really ( apart from once grabbing throttle to hard on the 99) seen the need

    Teaches you respect

  31. Of course it’s not needed, I mean they weren’t made for a reason or owt . I mean they not used in racing I mean they are a total waste of time. if you ride like to your local fish and chip shop at 30 on Sunday morning and only ever get the motor spinning above 5k rpm when you sat at lights reving at school kids or piss head out front of pub smoking . Then yes they waste of time.

  32. Other news upgrading brakes are pointless too

  33. they are much nicer to each other in the gixer group lol 😉

  34. Mark Thompson don’t listen to yanks, it’s the worst thing to do… They know it all and ride better than all of us.

  35. I’ve been considering one based on powering out of corners on my 99 and I get hard wobble until the bike straitened up. Thoughts?

  36. Right here ud83cudffb
    Yes I get wobbles, no, they’re not unmanageable. It keeps the giggles going, that’s for sure

  37. PS, I’ve been riding mine for over 6 years.

  38. wonder which comes first damper or speeding ticket

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