Who carries a 1st Aid kit when they ride?


Who here carries a 1st Aid kit when they ride? I like to be prepared for unforeseen scenarios and would like to have appropriate supplies on-hand for a roadside emergency. Any suggestions, links, and photos are appreciated.

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  1. yep just something simple.

  2. I got a small emergency case from the auto parts place, has 1st aid, jumper cables, triangles, some tools, ect… you can get different ones.

  3. Make up your own. Be sure to have a tourniquet and large bandages for road rash.

  4. Most importantly, get trained in first aid and basic life saving skills.

  5. I’ll add, surgical gloves and a barrier mask to provide CPR, to the tourniquet and large bandages. Everything else can be handled by the ambulance and EMTs. You just want to control bleeding and ensure breathing.

  6. I carry my ifak from deployment

  7. I agree with Gary C., basic stuff plus the gloves & neon yellow vest.\nAll this stuff, equals about the size of a half a loaf of bread.\nA small pittance to give up for room, for helping.

  8. FYI, I was a licensed EMT, LEO, and am a combat vet. So I have a decent amount of emergency response & aid training. \n But I totally agree with the suggestions that training and knowledge are priority #1.

  9. Yep got a rather in depth kit ,

  10. Mandatory in Czech, no discussion with a cop

  11. Add benadryl for bee stings . a friend who was allergic got stung and had to be airlifted. It would have helped him

  12. Always. I am the safety director for the colorado group. Take the accident scene management class from ABATE or MSF. worth it and gives you all the tools for a possible road side emergency. It also gives a great list of items to carry. If you have a safety director for your local chapter tgey would have the details, if not message me, I’ll get you the info for your state.

  13. Great idea, got one, like a spare tire, don’t want, good to have!

  14. Former Mass Casualty, First Responder, Tourniquet as a most likely needed tool in cycle crash, other basic first aid stuff in kit.

  15. For very basic kit, Duct (gaffer?) tape and gloves plus a little supply of saline tubes

  16. First aid kit, tool kit, tire repair kit, air pump.

  17. In my cage I carry custom made heavy duty jumper cables, tow rope, 2 first aid kits, 2 fire extinguishers, 3 gallons gas plus oil & water, flares, flash lights & batteries, triangle reflector & some basic tools. \nOn my bike (for out of town trips) it’s a smaller & condensed version consisting of 1 first aid kit, flares, flashlight & xtra batteries, mini fire extinguisher, tire kit & air pump & basic tools (lg & sm cresents, multi-tip screw driver, lg & sm needle nose vise grips plus folding Allen & Torx tip sets & a small diameter 8′ piece of siphon hose. \nIf I’m going cross country I usually carry a 2 gallon jug of gas too. Can’t tell you how many people I’ve rescued off the road.

  18. I carry an IFAK with a tourniquet, Quick Clot hemostatic agent, compression bandage, chest seal, etc.

  19. Took an ABATE rider safety class. Bandages, barrier for mouth to mouth resuscitation, splint, wound cleaning solution…..

  20. I carry two pistols and two flasks.

  21. Coworker was a.medic in Iraq. We discussed kits & he kept one in vehicle. Last year, two idiots in road rage clipped his truck, he flipped, rolled & landed upside down on guardrail. He lost his hand in the process. An off duty SP used my friends turnaquete & he talked the Trooper through it, and saved his own life as he would have bled out. I am proud to know him.

  22. I have a small kit that i bought at a pharmacy just in case. It will stop any bleeding or bandage a scrape. Its small and takes up no room.

  23. Small med kit bought at any cvs is sufficient. Duct tape, electrical tape, wire ties, tire kit w/pump, battery connector with jumper ends (plugs into batt charger that is already connected to battery) Small tool bag (basic set that you can get at any bike shop). A cigarette lighter (just in case), cigarette charger for the phone or any electronic device. Plenty of water and Gatorade for day trips.

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