Which tuner would be best for FZ-09


Looking to get the M4 slip on exhaust. Which tuner would be best, the power commander V or the bazzaz tuner? Any suggestions?

Tony Bologna: If you’re going to tinker, or switch back and forth, get a pc5. Is your new fuel map is leaner, putting the stock back on may not be the best idea. Double check with whoever does the tune/flash.

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  1. I got my ecu done up!! Fucking great!!

  2. I’ve heard that was a great way to go. Who did the flash for you?

  3. I’ve one for sale flashed by David for m4.

  4. I wouldn’t chant anything, maybe ecu flash. PC is over kill.

  5. vcycle. is way to go

  6. Just flash the Ecu if you’re interested in having it flashed pm me I do them all the time

  7. So if I have the ecu flashed by vcyclenut will I be able switch from stock exhaust to aftermarket whenever? Also upgrading air filter

  8. Once I put the exhaust on I won’t be going back to stock w/ catalyst. The flash will put the correct fuel mapping for the exhaust correct? As well as smoothing out the jerkiness of the throttle and the limiter that Yamaha put on for speed?

  9. ^^^what he said

  10. Thanks for all the info! Much appreciated!

  11. Can discount the m4 for you shoot me an email tom@biohazardcycles.com

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