Which is the easiest way to pop wheelie on the Daytona 675


Hello, Which is the easiest way to pop wheelie on the 675 ? Never done it before. Thanks.

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  1. 2nd gear, 8k, chop and bounce it up.

  2. The easiest way for me was to buy a Z125 and wheelie that because I don’t want to drop my Daytona lol

  3. 2 gear and clutch it up

  4. I normally get the RPMS to about 9 or 10k in first gear then once I get it up I shift into 2 gear.

  5. Adjust your throttle grip rotated more forward so you have a wider range of motion so you don’t run out wrist when opening throttle to get to the rpms you need.

  6. First gear rev up to 5/6k at about 40mph an commit. Should pull right up.

  7. Power wheelie to start with. 1st gear 6-8k steady rpm and flick that throttle hard and it will pop up. Or 2nd gear power wheelie 8-10k rpm and do the same thing. Should pop right up.

  8. 40mph, 2nd gear, rev to 8-9k, drop the clutch, rotate back with bike, cover the rear brake, use the rear brake if you come up too fast or go up to high.


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