Which is better for Royal Enfield tyres


Friends I have gone through various props & cons of Nitrogen vs. Normal compressed air but still I m confused which is better for RE tyres any Experience or information pls. share

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  1. Nitrogen is Better than Compressed Air, With Normal Air if uh go for drive ur tyres heat ho jayange but with Nitrogen wo temprature maintain rekhta hai ani wo kabhi leak nhi hota n normal air if jyada din use nhi kiya toh leak ho jati hai

  2. Re tyres????? Yaar RE ke konse tyre hain…. nywyz Nitrogen hi better hai har tyre ke liye…. long life…. weight…. nd tyre ko garam nahi honey deti nitrogen gas…..

  3. Nitrogen is excellent in summers, but can be dangerous in winters, as the tyre will not heatup at all.

  4. after inflating with nitrogen,i feel a better control over my bull…riding feels lil easy…but after a long period of time like after 20-25days the bike tend to wobble sometimes on uneven roads…this is my personal experience… apart from this no cons

  5. Re tyres kya n nitrogen gas kaha milegi

  6. nitro better than normal. so only special n costly

  7. frunt tayer 22psi reyar tayer 32psi

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