Which exhaust is the loudest/best?


Which exhaust is the loudest/best noise with the most noticeable performance upgrade? Currently have a stock header and unknown muffler.. Also, am I wasting my time trying to improve the stock suspension? Is the 450 conversion the only way to go for a noticeable difference? Cheers!

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  1. If you want just loud with a decent sounds get an FMF powercore 4. Mine sounds good for 10 minutes until your ears start to hurt

  2. Depends what you want mate. 450s are legal here so sweet. But low maintenance you can do anything with the WR250R. Just look at the ride adv team. Greg too 2 across the Simpson for a double crossing in 24 hours. That’s insane. But he did spend the money and get the bike set up. Also suspension work can work wonders on these bike if you decide the WR250R is the bike you want.

  3. No exhaust will give you huge gains over another. All are relative without adding fuel

  4. a louder exhaust won’t give you more hp. just go with the exhaust that you like the most

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