Where’s a good source for Evo era Softails?


Greetings all, new member here. I’ve ridden an Electraglide for many years, but I recently scored a 99 Heritage Classic for cheap a week ago, with 24K miles. I’ve found that parts availability isn’t the same as it is for 2000 and up. Where’s a good source for Evo era Softails? Specifically, for now, I’m looking for a stock or stock appearing engine guard/crash bar. Here’s a pic of my Glide.

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  1. I looked at Dennis Kirk already, but didn’t see a stock one. Maybe it’s because I entered 99 instead of 98. For that price I’d get a genuine HD one for $250 new. I’ll keep it in mind, thanks for the tip.

  2. Decent availability…just not much selection … pre 2k cpuld be a little more challenging though …welcome

  3. Thanks for the link Jason. I prefer the stock 1 1/4 size, which I can get from HD for less than that one. I thought it would be easier to find one than this.

  4. Bingo. Thanks Mike.

  5. At least we got your years nailed down 🙂 86-99

  6. I suppose the market supports the newer stuff.

  7. Same thing with cars…just gotta find the speciality shops that still handle it

  8. That’s the question in original post

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