Where on my ECU it needs to connect?


So, I just got this little fella in the mail, don't feel like googling just yet, and was hoping someone on here could give some quick guidance as to where on my ECU it needs to connect. Thanks

Where on my ECU it needs to connect?

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  1. Oh, and it’s a 2010 and danos

  2. Pin 27 I believe on the bigger ECU connector (it’s labeled with numbers). Push/pull white lock slider which will unlock the connector block, use needle nose pliers to pull the white blanking plug out, insert wire, lock the block back, ground to unpainted frame surface or batter negative. Enjoy shifting assuming your ECU has been flashed to enable a ECU based quick shifter.

  3. Probably doesn’t need to be said….. but disconnect your battery positive to reduce risk of ECU damage.

  4. See green circle on image for a good ground location other than battery negative terminal.

  5. ^^^^^agree best earth

  6. Pin 27 like David said. Make sure to release "unlock" the harness first by pushing down on the white connector block. I used a flathead screwdriver.

  7. May be a daft question but have you had the ecu flashed to enable QS

  8. Yep slot 27 remove the rubber cap
    Unlock the harness. Look at where thumb is in the pic. There’s a white stripe, push that part down with the screwdriver to unlock the wires,
    Plug your wire and follow the upper pic ref for the negative wire.

  9. ^^ yes sir he does

  10. Frankie Tapia for when you get yours ^^

  11. question before i ask dan if i like motogp style shifting which danos qs. do i get and do i need to do anything special?

  12. You need push type for gpshift, Frankie.

  13. Sweet, thanks guys

  14. Make sure when u put wire in harness that u push it down all the way till It doesn’t go any farther
    I made this mistake when I did mine and was confused y it wasn’t working ­čÖé

  15. ^^ while this is true, don’t forcefully push it down to hard because it can snap

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