Where is YZF R1 ECU?


Got my new bike today 😍😍.just a quick question where is the ecu located ? Gunna have it flashed 😬

Where is YZF R1 ECU?

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  1. under the driver seat

  2. Thought is was left side fairing

  3. No, behind clutch lever side side fairing

  4. If its 09 it’s behind left hand front fairing panel.

  5. It’s not under the seat I’ve got that off and on trickle charge .

  6. ahhhh yeh i thought it was 4c8 sorry yes left fairing

  7. Left hand side fairing

  8. Left hand fairing

  9. Do you have to remove the whole panel to see it ?

  10. Under the seat

  11. Under seat on my 2007. With my power commander 5 on top of it

  12. Behind the left side fairing. There’s 5 bolts and 3 plastic push pins to release

  13. ECU is kept inside the front tire. 08 and under are in the oil pan.

  14. It’s in the gas tank. The fuel keeps it cool

  15. Lovely mate! Thought I saw this at superbike factory is that where you got it?

  16. Only asked a genuine question don’t know why you gotta be pricks

  17. Am liking the colour mate safe riding

  18. Because its a stupid question. Common knowledge that its in the front tire.

  19. Color scheme is cool. Kinda has a Jamaican vibe to it. Cool runnings

  20. Google works better, noone will ever know you have no idea what your talking about then

  21. Who’s flashing it?

  22. Take off front nose cone! Take off front light, un do clocks and just behind there! 20 min Job

  23. Under the seat dude

  24. Inside the tire lol

  25. Should of got the 2015 or 2016 r1.. super fast. Well enjoy your bike and be safe.

  26. Let Nick Marino Flash it you’ll be happy

  27. Just looked. Same bike but different post. Original post was about Superbike factory in Macclesfield.

  28. only sore this one

  29. def nothing deleted as its not in my logs

  30. Codey Tyson deleted Scott Cannon-jones’s post.
    13 January 2017 14:25 Codey Tyson might no lol

  31. Yes, we’ve already discussed it. Geez. Dude made a completely seperately post about it and all like 30 minutes ago.

  32. i cant see that post lol someone deleted that too πŸ˜€

  33. A guy made a post asking who bought the piece of ud83dudca9 bike from Superbike Factory. Didn’t seem right, was a pretty condescending post, so yes it was deleted. Then, Phil Wigham made a separate post asking where that post went. I explained exactly what I just explained and deleted that post as well because all it consisted of was everyone asking dead end questions about a deleted post, when I had already answered it. You guys are killing me. Haha.

  34. We got there in the end. In the mean time Barrie tagged me in this post which I explained this wasn’t the original post. The post wasn’t meant to be condescending but trying to help a fellow biker not buy a bike like he bought from superbike factory

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