Where is the best place online to sell a bike?


I hope this is a legal question in this group. Where is the best place on line to sell a bike?

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  1. I've sold two bikes on Craigslist. Only take cash, beware of scammers.

  2. eBay. I've bought new high end and used there. Good for buyer and seller plus you probably have a much bigger audience there. Otherwise Midwest velo swap or mid west velo swap on Facebook are good places with many members.

  3. Depends on the bike. Cheap older bike? Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. Mid to high end bike — Ebay

  4. Gumtree, shpock,ebay, fb marketplace and fb bike groups

  5. I say for local sale, Craigslist. I have added these before and it work "MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF VALID ID AND COPY OF ANY BILL, CELL PHONE, CABLE, ELECTRIC OR ETC BEFORE I WILL RESPOND TO YOU" This has work for me and avoided scammers!

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