When you do your cbt (TNT 125)


Question… when you do your cbt and of course u need road knowledge – do they actually test you/ask questions? Been years since i sat my car one so can’t mind much 😂

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  1. C.B.T is not a test it's training. Your day is split into 5 modules. Mod 1 class room based ,clothing, helmets etc. Mod 2 takes you through the bike , all controls and how to get it on/ off the stand to maintaining it. Mod 3 is how to actually ride the bike also road positioning and emergency stop. Mod 4 classroom again this time highway code more road positioning also all wether conditions. Then finally the road ride mod 5. If your instructor and you are happy off you go, minimum 2 hours. Then your certificate valid 2 years.☻

  2. Perfect looking out all my chains etc dunno where to start lol. Some are so expensive and some have disc alarms but are those really safe?

  3. Na..its easy peasy..if you can ride as basic and have confidence youve passed..

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