When should I use high Can Am


My first can am! Ok so coming from Honda’s when should I use high and when should I use low? Thanks for the help.

Chen should I use high Can Am

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  1. Use low for anything done in the mud,pulling stuff and when you go below 20. Use high for everything else

  2. 18 and under on low

  3. Use low in hills

  4. I was told to use low unless you’re on a road or long easy trails.

  5. Just send it

  6. Just made the switch from Honda and I use low whenever I’m under 30km

  7. bike will do 65km/hr in low. of im on a trail where i dont see more than 40 i leave it in low

  8. I rarely use low. I use it When I am pulling something or in a nasty spot or big hill climb.

  9. Low is for pulling. All you do by switching to low otherwise is waste fuel.

  10. Only use high when you’re cruising above like 20 mph

  11. Kept mine in high 24/7

  12. I generally don’t think it’s a question of Hi or Lo, it’s a question of 2W or 4W.
    If Im on groomed trails or RR bed 90u0025 of the time my machine is in 2W Hi, If Im blasting through the woods Im in 4W hi, If I run into a bog or mud hole I drop to 4W Lo
    I have had my Outty in 2W hi 68mph on asphalt and still had some throttle left to go. I have also had my machine in 4W hi 40-50mph.
    The only time I would use Lo is mud/bog/snow or getting it on or off the trailer

  13. Does your car/truck manufacturer recommend using low range around town and only using High or drive on the Hiway or freeway. NO! Machine is made to use high or drive range in all conditions. Use low for towing or mud or going through a rock garden

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