When I upshift the 2012 RSS SE5 seems to hesitate


I bought my first bike a few weeks ago, it's an 2012 RSS SE5. So I'm riding along and sometimes when I upshift the bike seems to hesitate, the gas cuts out for a second, and it doesn't shift. I read that there's no need to lay off the gas when changing gears with the semi-auto. I'm wondering if it's user error or maybe an issue with the Spyder itself.

When I upshift the 2012 RSS SE5 seems to hesitate

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  1. Mine (2011 RSS) did that, I repacked the baffles and I don’t notice the issue any more.

  2. I have the exact same bike. Check the oil level. Mine did that. Oil was low

  3. I had the same issue, and even though I have topped up the oil, I still get the odd clunk here and there but it’s going to be more of a learning experience. I have had mine for 3 months now and love it!

  4. I let off the throttle when I upshift mine or it over revs. That issue sounds more like an oil level issue

  5. Great advice Jason Broyles George Nagy and Benjamin Dunning. I checked the oil and it appears to be a little low. Next question: What oil does it take and what quantity of oil for a full on oil change?

  6. I know that feeling your hart sinks it’s probably something very simple I have had mine 3 weeks done a major service on it but it sometimes over revs or wheel spins or just something different to what I am used to on a motorcycle and i say to the guys that have been Spyder rider’s for years something is wrong and they all say it’s me not the Spyder. It is a different kettle of fish now I am getting used to it it’s running better funny that

  7. I have a 2009 GS one of the first models and it’s still my favorite.

  8. 2008 love it

  9. My 2008 does that sometimes, I found shifting at a Higher RPM 4200 or higher seems to help on mine!!

  10. Check oil level shifts bad whem low true story mine does

  11. I have a 2012 RSS se5 and had to have shifter replaced last year

  12. Stay on gas when upshifting

  13. I remember mines was like that before I customized her…. her now

  14. stay on the gas!!!

  15. This the style I want… Hard to find though..

  16. Chances are, you are shifting at too low of speed. The 990 engine requires high RPM’s. Upshift between 4500 and 6000 and your Spyder will love you and purr. Shift lower, and your Spyder will stumble and fail.

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