When I start my bike the engine temp bars start at 4


Have some more questions about my 2007 990 Adventure. When I start my bike the engine temp bars start at 4. When I ride the highway alls good. As soon as I get off in the city the fan basically comes on. In slow traffic the 5th bar comes on and if it is stop and go traffic the 6th bar can come on and then the warning lights. That would be in grid lock traffic and a warm day. I just did a 8000 km trip and it was cool. But when I got into rush hour traffic off the highway the bars start climbing. So before my trip my dealer flushed the rad. Changed the fluid and replaced the rad cap. Do you think the thermostat is sticking? I was wondering if any other 990 guys have this issue. I have been looking through topics on Adv but don’t find anything.

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  1. My 06′ 950 runs the fan all the time in stop and go traffic.

  2. I would try a hi zoot coolant or a coolant additive.

  3. Mine is the same. KTMtwins.com sells a dual fan kit and a lower temp switch. It is a common issue with the bike.

  4. Forget goofy coolants. You don’t need it. Mine runs the fan all the time in city traffic. I’ve never had the light come on though. I’ve run it in slow trails for miles with it on full bars.

  5. I agree with Bill on the coolants. I use Maxima Coolanol. Comes premixed and has higher concentrations of lubricants for the mechanical seal in the water pump.

  6. How much work do you do to your bike? If the answer is none you need to leave this log

  7. when you start it the gauge should read no bars and warm up to 4 bars, is it actually overheating or could the gauge be malfunctioning?…the fan will run alot at low speeds

  8. Does it need “burping”. Did you drain and refill the coolant?

  9. After miles and miles of this and the temp gauge maxed out it doesn’t scare me any more… Lol\nhttps://youtu.be/72C44QQO0lE

  10. Burping the coolant system.Although he doesn’t show what actually gets done but I think you can get the idea. \nhttps://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=HRpl1g610kA

  11. When parked in the garage out of the sun, will the temp gage read 4 bars as soon as you turn the bike on? Or is that after it’s been run for a while and then parked for a bit?\n\nWhen cold the temp gage should read zero, so I’m wondering if the thermostat is bad

  12. Used to have a 990. It always ran hot in commuter traffic. Put on the dual fans and you can put on a lower temp thermostat to kick the fans on earlier. They just run hot. Fixed it –> sold it and bought a 690! 😉

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