When I shut it off I can smell gasoline


2012 hd ultra classic, just had 10,000 mile service at Space coast HD. runs well makes lifter noise that service dept says is normal. When I shut it off I can smell gasoline but can’t see any leak. Any ideas? Anyone else ever had this issue?

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  1. Same on my 2007 .

  2. Yes man when engine is super hot it causes the gas tank to warm up expelling fumes! My 2014 does this no leaks anywhere.

  3. My 2016 103 needed lifters replaced at 3k due to noise. Dealer said the noise was normal then finally changed em out. Running great now with 6500 miles so far.

  4. Only recommendation would be to ride it more often. 10,000 in 5 years and you live in Florida. Don’t hear any noise or smell fuel with it going down the road.

  5. lifter noise is common, correct it with rocker lockers…

  6. Rocker lockers seems to be the cure from what I’ve researched.

  7. Do you still have the catalyst in the headpipe?

  8. I have a 2012 as well….I hear it worse around 2800-3000rpms…. Have put over 2000 miles and still going…. But what I think is really going on is slight pinging… I started running a Lucas octane booster and has seemed to help…. Give it a try….

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